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Graded Assignments

Our learners have the freedom to pace their studies according to their individual preferences and commitments. If You Have Any Doubt You Can Ask From PrimeGPT Its Free For Qualifiers This flexibility empowers them to balance their academic pursuits with other aspects of their lives effectively.

Why Study here?

Best Notes

The notes we provide are meticulously crafted by experienced professors and subject matter experts, encompassing the latest advancements and research in each discipline. These comprehensive and well-structured notes are designed to simplify complex concepts,


For learners at the Any Level, we provide a carefully curated set of PYQ papers from previous years' exams. These papers cover all the subjects taught during the Course of the program, such as Mathematics, CT, Statistics, and English.

Best Coaching

We will be providing Live Recorded Sessions + Notes for all + Doubt sessions for students who want to crack their IIT Madras qualifier exam easily. And Weekly Graded Assignments Solutions,


IIT Madras' Students Community is incredible! From day one, they made me feel welcomed and supported. Whether it's academic assistance, career guidance, or just a friendly chat, they are always there to help. It feels like one big family!
The Students Community at IIT Madras is a lifeline for me. They organize various events, workshops, and study groups that have significantly enriched my learning experience. I've made friends for life here!
Sonali Kumari

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