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Graded Assignments Mastery: Our expertly crafted graded assignments are designed to fortify your grasp of key concepts. Through comprehensive solutions, you’ll not only understand how to approach questions effectively but also fine-tune your problem-solving skills.

PYQ Excellence: Excel in the Qualifier Exam with our meticulously curated Previous Year Question (PYQ) papers. By practicing with these real exam questions, you’ll gain insights into question patterns and enhance your readiness.

Two Membership Options:

1. YouTube Member: As a YouTube member, access our educational content and resources. Engage with videos that simplify complex topics, providing valuable insights for exam preparation.

2. Website Subscription: Alternatively, subscribe to our exclusive website and unlock a wealth of resources. Dive into a structured learning environment featuring graded assignments, PYQ papers, and more. Benefit from integrated discussion sections, enhancing your interaction and understanding.

Join our community and experience the power of strategic learning. Whether you choose YouTube membership or website subscription, our commitment remains unwavering: to guide you towards passing the Qualifier Exam and achieving academic excellence. Your journey towards success begins with IITM Students Community!

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Difference Between YouTube Subscription And Website Subscription Plan?

  Youtube Subscription Plan :

– Access to IITM Students Community content on YouTube.
– Video-based learning experience.
– Limited interactivity, mainly through comments and discussions.
– Visual explanations and presentations.
– Content consumption through video format.
– Limited access to additional resources.

Website Subscription Plan:

– Access to a dedicated website portal of IITM Students Community.
– Integrated and feature-rich discussion sections for interactive learning.
– Comprehensive multimedia content, including videos, documents, quizzes, and more.
– Enhanced interactivity with peers and instructors.
– Detailed resources and materials organized for easy navigation.
– A platform designed for deeper engagement and collaborative learning.

 In summary, while YouTube subscription offers video content with limited interaction, the website subscription plan provides a more immersive and interactive learning experience through integrated discussion sections and a range of multimedia resources.

Differences Between Basic, Silver, and Gold Plans: IITM Students Community

   Basic Plan:
– Access to Blogs and Free YouTube Channel videos.
– Limited content availability.
– Primarily self-paced learning through blogs and videos.

  Silver Plan:
– Access to Graded Assignments and Video Solutions on website if Purchased From Website . 
– Dedicated website with interactive features like Premium Discussion Sessions And Much More On Website [Premium Study Portal] Specially Made For IITM Learners .
– Enhanced learning experience with assignments and solutions. Ask Any Doubt Related To Courses On WhatsApp ( Registered Phone Number ) During Checkout 
– Opportunities for practical application of concepts and weekly Live Doubt Sessions.

  Gold Plan:
– Daily 3-hour Live Classes included.
– Comprehensive and structured curriculum.
– Real-time interaction with instructors.
– Personalized attention and clarifications during live sessions.
– Immersive learning environment through live classes.

In summary, while the Basic Plan offers introductory content, the Silver Plan provides a richer learning experience with graded assignments and solutions. The Gold Plan takes it a step further by offering daily live classes, fostering real-time engagement and personalized attention. Choose the plan that best suits your learning needs and preferences.


  • General Graded Assignments
  • Access To All Blog Sections
  • Full Qualifier Course
  • Rank Booster Videos


  • Graded Assignments videos
  • Weekly Live Doubt Discussion
  • Rank Booster Videos for qualifier
  • Free Ask Any Doubts on WhatsApp


  • Full Qualifier Course
  • Daily 3 Hour Live Class
  • Rank Booster Videos
  • Previous Year Paper

 To enroll, visit our website and follow the registration process. Choose Any Plan If Selected RS 100 Plan You Will Be Asked To Pay RS 99 . After Payment You will Be Redirected To Our Portal Create Account From Same Gmail Which You Have Given At Payment Time . And Pay Left Our RS 1 And Take Subscription . Once enrolled, you’ll gain access to all course resources and support.

The course content is presented in Hinglish (a mix of Hindi and English) to ensure ease of understanding for learners.

The course offers fully solved graded assignments, discussion sessions, and booster quizzes to provide comprehensive learning support. On Portal 

You can ask questions and clarify doubts on WhatsApp, Telegram , AI Bot . Our 24/7 support ensures quick assistance. Even On Website Their is Subject Wise Doubt Group In Which Students Can Also Help Each Other 

 Booster quizzes are designed to enhance your understanding and boost your confidence by testing your knowledge on key topics. Weekly 

Weekly live discussion sessions are conducted to address questions, clarify concepts, and foster collaborative learning.

Yes, the graded assignments come with complete video solutions to help you understand the problem-solving process.

Yes, you can access the course materials, assignments, discussion sessions, and booster quizzes on our website. after payment you will be redirected to qualifier portal