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Qualifiers Notes

The Foundational Level comprises courses in Mathematics, Statistics, Basics of Programming and Python, and English. These courses have been chosen to ensure that the learner who passes these successfully is well prepared to proceed to the Diploma Level courses.


This course introduces functions (straight lines, polynomials, exponentials and logarithms) and discrete mathematics (basics, graphs) with many examples. The students will be exposed to the idea of using abstract mathematical structures to represent concrete real life situations.


The students will be introduced to large datasets. Using this data, the students will be introduced to various insights one can glean from the data. Basic concepts of probability also will be introduced during the course leading to a discussion on Random variables.


This course aims at achieving fluency and confidence in spoken and written English. This course will use insights from theories of learning and dominant methods of teaching language


The students will be introduced to a number of programming concepts using illustrative examples which will be solved almost entirely manually. The manual execution of each solution allows for close inspection of the concepts being discussed.