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Maths week 9 graded assignment Complete  Questions Discussed In This Blog We Hope This Might Help You All In Matching Answers . Or For Some Others Reasons Not Able To Complete Graded Assignments – Best Of Luck 🤞 Check Below For Answers Link

1. Match the functions in Column A with the corresponding (signed) area between its graph and the interval [−1,1] on the X-axis in column B and the images of their graphs and the highlighted region corresponding to the area computed in Column C, given in Table M2W3G1.









100 point

2. A cylinder of radius  and height 2ℎ is to be inscribed in a sphere of radius  centered at O as shown in Figure M2W3G1


The volume of such a cylinder is given by �=2��2ℎ and the surface area of the outer curved surface is given by �=4��ℎ. Choose the set of correct options.













1000 point

3. Which of the curves in the following figures enclose a negative area on the  axis in the interval [0,1]?


Suppose �1(�)=�3 and �2(�)=� denote the profits of Company A and Company B, respectively, throughout 1 year (the beginning of the year is denoted by �=0 and the ending denoted by �=1). The predicted profits of Company A and Company B in the same year are given by the functions �1(�)=� and �2(�)=��, respectively. The curves represented by the functions �1 and �1 are shown in Figure M2W3G2, and the curves represented by the functions �2 and �2 are shown in Figure M2W3G3. 

Suppose the area of the region bounded by the two curves (the original curve and the predicted curve) in the interval  [0,1]is defined to be the error in prediction.
 Using the information above, answer the following questions.

4. What will the absolute difference between the minimum values of �2 and �2 in the interval [0,1] be?

(Type: Numeric) 1
(Type: Numeric) -1
167 point
1866 point
5. Choose the correct options from the following.





6. Let �(�)=�3−3�+11. What is the local minimum value of  attained at a critical point?

(Type: Numeric) 9
1999 point

7. Let �(�)=38�2+4060≤�≤6. The estimated area obtained by dividing the interval into 3 sub-intervals of equal length and the left end points of the sub-intervals for height of the rectangles is (in square units)

(Type: Numeric) 1560
199 point


8. What is the global minimum of  on [0,20]

(Type: Numeric) -11
(Type: Numeric) 10
1 point

9. If �−�=10, find the least value of 2��.

(Type: Numeric) -50

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