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Maths Week 7 Graded Assignments IIT Madras

Maths week 7 graded assignment Complete  Solutions Are Discussed In This Blog We Hope This Might Help You All In Matching Answers . Or For Some Others Reasons Not Able To Complete Graded Assignments 

1.Table: M2W1G1 gives functions in Column A with their types in column B and their graphs in Column C.

Choose the options which represent the correct matching of a given function with its type and its graph.



1 point

2, Suppose �(�) is a strictly increasing function and �(�) is a strictly decreasing function. If the curves represented by �(�) and �(�) intersect at �=�0, then choose the set of correct options.




3. Suppose ��=12�23�+4−4�2+3�+18. Find the value of lim⁡�→∞�� (correct upto 2 decimal places).

1 point



4. In the graphs given below, how many of the curves have a (unique) tangent at the origin (i.e., (0, 0))?

0 points


Limits of some standard functions are given below:
  • lim⁡�→0���(1+�)�=1
  • lim⁡�→0��−1�=1
  • lim⁡�→∞�(2���!)1�=�
  • lim⁡�→∞��!�=�
Using the given information, find the value of lim⁡�→∞��!�[���(1+16�)−(�(9�)−1)(2��)1�].
1 point



6.Find the limit of the sequence given by ��=3+5+7+…+(2�−1)�2, (where �∈�∖{0}).

1 point



7. Find the value of 5lim⁡�→16+⌊�⌋−3lim⁡�→2−⌊�⌋, where ⌊�⌋ denotes the greatest integer less than or equal to .

1 point

8. Suppose a company runs three algorithms to estimate its future growth. Suppose the error in the estimation depends on the available number (�) of data as follows:

  • Error in estimation by Algorithm 1: ��=�2+5�6�2+1.
  • Error in estimation by Algorithm 2: ��=18+(−1)�1�
  • Error in estimation by Algorithm 3: ��=��+47��

where �∈�∖{0}.Suppose the company has a large amount of data in hand (we can assume  tends to ). Using the information given above, answer the questions below.

1 point
Which of the following statements is (are) correct?


1 point

9. Suppose a new algorithm is designed to predict the growth of the company in future and the error in estimation by the new algorithm is given by ��−��, where �� and �� are the same as defined earlier. Choose the set of correct options.




10.Suppose the company modified the error in estimation by Algorithm 3 as ��′=��(112�)−�.
What will be the new error in estimation by Algorithm 3? (Correct upto 3 decimal places)



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