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Maths Week 6 Graded Assignments IIT Madras


Maths week 6 graded assignment Complete  Solutions Are Discussed In This Blog We Hope This Might Help You All In Matching Answers . Or For Some Others Reasons Not Able To Complete Graded Assignments 

1. If 18�−12�−(2×8�)=0, then the value of  is.


2. Suppose three distinct persons  and  are standing on the – axis of the ��– plane (as shown in the figure) and the distance between  and  is same as the distance between  and . The coordinates of  and  are (log53, 0), (log5(3�−92),0) and (log5(3�−94), 0) respectively. What is the distance between  and ?

1 point

3. In a city, a rumour is spreading about the safety of corona vaccination. Suppose  number of people live in the city and �(�) is the number of people who have not yet heard about the rumour after  days. Suppose �(�) is given by �(�)=��−��, where  is a constant. If the population of the city is 1000, and suppose 40 have heard the rumor after the first day. After how many days (approximately) half of the population would have heard the rumor?
Note: Enter the nearest integer value.

1 point

Use the following information for the questions 4 and 5.

Consider the function �(�)=2��3��+1 from  to .

1 point

4. Which of the following is true about ?

1 point

5. The inverse of  would be


Use the following information for the questions 6 and 7.

The amount of gold (in kilograms) sold by a jeweler on the th day of 2019 is given by the function �(�)=log⁡10(�+1)−12log⁡�+1(0.01) (where �=1 corresponds to the 1st January, 2019, and �=365 corresponds to the 31st December, 2019 ).

1 point

6. If �>�>9, then choose the correct option(s).

1 point

7. Choose the correct option(s).


1 point

8. The stock market chart of a tourism company (�) is shown roughly in the Figure below. This company was listed in February (�=2) and experiences a logarithmic fall after the COVID−19 outbreak which is given by �=−� ���(�−ℎ)+� represents the number of months since the beginning of the year and  represents the stock price in (1000). During the 10�ℎ month the pharmacy company announced that the vaccine is made for the COVID−19. Thereafter, the stock price of the company (�) is raised exponentially �=10��−�. Choose the correct set of options. (Note:  is any positive real number, is a positive integer and  is a constant.)



9. If �log⁡32+2log⁡3�= 16, then what is the value of  ?

1 point

1 point

10 Choose the correct options with respect to the graph of a function �(�) shown below.




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