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Statistics week 9 graded assignment Complete  Solutions Are Discussed In This Blog We Hope This Might Help You All In Matching Answers . Or For Some Others Reasons Not Able To Complete Graded Assignments Check Below For Master Key

1.A discrete random variable  can take the values 1,2,···,7. For these values the cumulative distribution function is defined by:�(�)=�(�≤�)=�2+�95= 1,2,···,7. Find the value of .


2.An organization in Texas organizes lucky draw this month. 3 thousand tickets are sold for 2$ each. Each has an equal chance of winning. 1 tickets will win 698$, 3 tickets will win 353$ and 4 tickets will win 63$. Let, the random variable  denote the net gain from purchase of one ticket. What is the probability that  takes the value less than 353? (Enter the answer correct to 4 decimal place)


3. In a group of 204 people, 29 are photographers and 175 are journalists. 12 people are randomly picked from a group of these 204 people. Let,  be a random variable which represents the number of photographers. How many possible values can the random variable  take?

Which of the following is/are discrete random variables?







5.A biased coin with probability of heads 0.75 is tossed three times. Let  be a random variable that represents the number of head runs, a head run being defined as a consecutive occurrence of at least two heads. Then the probability mass function of  is given by:










6. Nina has 6 music sessions in a week. She attends the sessions 6 days a week 59% of the time, 5 days 13% of the time, one day 7% of the time, and no days 21% of the time. Let,  be a discrete random variable representing the number of sessions she attends in a week. Suppose one week is randomly selected, what is the probability that the random variable  take the value at most 5?(Enter the answer correct to 2 decimal places)

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7.Find the value of k for which k(47)�( x = 0, 1, 2, …) is a pmf.(Enter the answer correct up to 2 decimal places)


8.Using the information in previous question, calculate �(�=2).(Enter the answer correct up to 2 decimal places)


9.From a box  containing 3 white and 6 black balls, 5 balls are transferred into an empty box . Let  be a random variable that represents the number of white balls which are transferred from  to . What value of random variable will have the least probability?


10. The probability mass function of a random variable X is given by:


       �(�=�){3�2−3�for �=02�2−1for�=10otherwise

 Determine the value of k given �>0.


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